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Norwich Diocesan Association of Ringers

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Welcome to Bellringing in the Southern Branch of

the Norwich Diocesan Association of Ringers.

For information about Bellringing in South Norfolk please contact:

Secretary: Christine Hales, Chairman: Elisabeth Spry, or Ringing Master: Michael Hodgkinson 01379 740042


Clapper Talk has been discontinued

Next Southern Branch Events:

MARCH 2017

Saturday March 4th: Association Training day

Saturday March 18th :  Practice meeting at Long Stratton 2.30-4pm. Methods Bob Doubles, Reverse Canterbury, and Double Oxford.

Tuesday March 21st: 7.30 - 9pm Surprise Practice at Saxlingham Nethergate Cancelled

Really sorry about the late changes to these events. The Long Stratton practice was always afternoon and I made a mistake. The Saxlingham practice had to be called off at the last minute because of complaints

NDA Quarter Peal Week is approaching (Sunday 16th April – Sunday 23rd April inclusive), and I wanted to encourage everyone to get involved. In recent years, the Quarter Peal Week hasn’t had much of a presence, but it can be such a valuable tool. Not only is it a good way to consolidate what you have been working on, it can be good publicity when people hear the bells ringing for a less expected reason than services. A good, well-struck quarter can also be very enjoyable to ring for its own sake!

Recently I canvassed opinion about the Quarter Peal Week, and so I know that it isn’t always a convenient time of the year, particularly for those with children. However, the main reason for people not taking part in the past was a lack of opportunity. What I aim to do is eliminate this lack. There are many ringers in our Association, so even if you are the only one in your band who fancies ringing a quarter you can always do so with people from other parts of the county.

I have offered to co-ordinate this year’s ringing on behalf of the Association. If you are part of a band that will be ringing quarters for Quarter Peal Week anyway, I will create an ‘event’ on BellBoard so that you can link your efforts to the overall event. If you are a band that wants to ring a quarter, but you need a conductor or an extra ringer or two, then I am offering to try and find these for you. If you are an individual that wants to ring quarters but you don’t have a band to do it with, I am offering to find opportunities for you to take part.

Maybe you would like to set yourself goals to help motivate you? To ring a quarter in each tower in your benefice? To ring a quarter in a method you’ve never rung before? To call you first quarter, or your first on a higher number? To ring a quarter in each branch? To ring a quarter on each of the days of Quarter Peal Week? To ring you first quarter ever? Whatever motivation you choose, please do get involved.

I will be trying to push this through other forms of communication in the near future, but in the meantime you can e-mail me to get involved in some way. I need people willing to be sent places to help, I need people who want to be helped. I need people who are happy to ring multiple quarters and people who only want to ring one. Whatever level of involvement you can offer, please contact me. Let’s make this year’s Quarter Peal Week a success. We are, after all, part of the Norwich Diocesan Association of Ringers: let’s do some ringing!

Richard Turk